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"Silk, Silver, Spices, Slaves: Lost Tales from the Philippine Colonial Period, 1565-1946" by Lio Mangubat

We are very pleased to announce that "Silk, Silver, Spices, Slaves: Lost Tales from the Philippine Colonial Period, 1565-1946" by Lio Mangubat has officially been published!

Featuring 13 essays inspired by his podcast series The Colonial Dept., Mangubat spins tales of galleons, triads, fickle spirits, long-lost maps, and the secret history of otters. In these pages, learn about how the entire country became mad for baseball; how Mexican fighter pilots flew dangerous missions over the Philippines during World War II; or how American occupiers fell victim to a mysterious illness called “Philippinitis".

Beyond revisiting days gone by, Mangubat also connects the threads of each story to the wider tapestry of world history — and how these can unspool even up to our current time. A masterful storyteller and podcaster, he proves that the past can loom larger than the present.

We really enjoyed working with Mangubat on this book project given his prolific body of work as a writer, editor (he's also editor in chief of Summit Books!) and podcaster. We are honoured to have preserved 13 podcast episodes for posterity's sake on the printed page, and we look forward to hearing other tales he has in mind for future seasons of The Colonial Dept. Follow him on @liomangubat and @thecolonialdept for more behind-the-scenes snippets about how he makes his podcast episodes or his writing/editorial/publishing adventures!

Now, on to the logistics of where you can get your hands on a copy of this book:

In Singapore, the book can be found at the main Kinokuniya store at Ngee Ann City and Book Bar. Alternatively, you can order the book through our webstore!

In the Philippines, we're working on getting the book stocked at indie bookshops such as Everything's Fine and Hot Tropiks (Hot Tropiks is also likely to be our main distributor for North America) by next month. Do follow our socials (@factionpress on Instagram and X (fka Twitter), and our Facebook page) for the most up-to-date distribution news!

Last but not least, if you're looking to purchase a copy of the e-book version, it is now available on Kindle (US, UK) , Apple Books, Google Play Store and Barnes and Noble.

As always, please write us at if you are interested in reviewing the book, or if you have any thoughts, questions or just a burning desire to say hello!



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