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We are an independent non-fiction micropress dedicated to bringing stories from Southeast Asia to the world.

No one knows Southeast Asia better than Southeast Asians and individuals who have made the region their home. Here at Faction, we bring together voices that dive deeper into untold narratives that shape the region and its diasporas.


As a micropress, we will not have a rigorous publishing programme. Through our slower publishing process, our wider goal is to build a solid community of writers and readers who share our ethos of bringing stories from Southeast Asia to the world. 


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Frequently asked questions

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Why the focus on Southeast Asia?

Many Southeast Asian non-fiction narratives as told by individuals on-the-ground remain unpublished, and many new books on Southeast Asia that have been published in recent years remain written by Western journalists, writers or foreign correspondents.


We would like to disrupt the Southeast Asian conversations dictated by the Western publishing world,  one micro-narrative at a time.

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